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Welcome to the Official Website of Kimberley Hoskins MA (ED) PhD - a caring Telephone Counselling Service 

My name is Kimberley Hoskins MA (ED) PhD and I provide professional psychology solutions and telephone counselling services. What that really means is that if you are ever feeling low or you are drifting on a path which is leading to nowhere, I can help you. A face to face consultation takes no time at all to set up or better still, your concerns can be helped by means of my popular Telephone Counselling Service. My main areas of expertise are health and diet counselling and Psychology in sport, but above all, I just make people feel good about themselves. 

 "I just make people feel good about themselves"

We live in a high stress environment with a range of pressures coming from many areas of life. At times we may have trouble in handling various difficulties such as work stress, family relationships, financial worries and many other issues in life. People often become confused and lose their confidence and direction. As a result their work performance and inter-personal relationships can be affected. Well not any more!  Your very own personal Telephone Counselling Service is available 24/7 or if you prefer face to face counselling please let me know. 

I will help you by giving you a greater insight and understanding of your issues from a different perspective. It's simple, just pick up the phone 

It's good to talk and I'm here for you. Contact me

          "Your very own personal Telephone Counselling Service is available now."


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